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May 28th, 2019

Where The Creative Juice Flows

Artists and creatives are flocking to The Commune for inspired work time.


The Commune
101 N Loop Blvd.

It's not that you're a procrastinator, it's just that there's a text you have to send, an errand you have to run, a social post you need to work on... and then you'll get right on top of that project.

Set yourself up at The Commune, a clean and chic co-working space that's sans distractions. Inspired by and dedicated to creative types, here you can drop in and rent a desk by the day to get some dedicated focus time while soaking up the lovely natural light of the perfectly appointed digs. There's already a waiting list for the private studios at the modern day office space, which features a conference room for collaborating, a photo studio and a design resource library. There's a petite kitchen where the coffee lives and a picturesque lounge space for taking a breather. 

It's how the cool kids deadline. 

Photo: Molly Culver

Take a peek for yourself during the Official Grand Opening Bash of The Commune TOMORROW, Sat., June 1, from 4 - 10 p.m. Enjoy spiked sips, eats, mood portraits and DJ beats.  

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