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October 12th, 2007

Tap That Sass

Touch of Sass Boutique - belts, jewelry and other accessories

Bags, beads, bangles and belts... accessories are the heartbeat of our wardrobe. How else could we liven up the staple outfit of "tank-n-jeans" we recycle every weekend? A studded leather belt or a slinky gold lariat, that's how.

Touch of Sass is the latest boutique devoting itself entirely to our obsession of accessories. White lacquer and blue velvet display cases create a sophisticated space that's far from stuffy. Styles vary from frilly to funky, and prices truly run the gamut.

When a touch of class feeds our passion for sass, our hearts skip a beat.

Touch of Sass (map)
500 North Lamar, Suite 170
Austin, TX 78703


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