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December 1st, 2007


Visit the romantic specialty shop, Flora and Fauna.

It loves you, it loves you not. Either way there is one thing we can agree on: Valentine's Day presents us with the opportunity to splurge (guilt-free) on chocolate, flowers and wine. These are a few of our favorite things, and they can all be found at Flora and Fauna.

Owner Carissa Hoop-Garza, who has put her touch on the floral arrangements at Pink Salon and is also a wine sommelier at Kenichi, has carved out her own little niche with this romantic specialty shop. From the European café complete with flavored coffees and hand-picked chocolate delectables, to displays of estate wines and the prettiest of flowers, this cupid knows her way to a woman's heart.

Whether you consider St. Valentine a friend or foe, Flora and Fauna will leave you wanting amore.

Flora and Fauna
904 W. 12th St., Ste. B (map)
Austin, TX 78703

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