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June 11th, 2013

Your Totally FREE Spinning Class!

Meet the spin masters.


715 West 23rd St #B2

We can't go anywhere this summer without hearing about the playlists at CYC, the hip indoor-cycling concept from NYC with a high-design, nightclub inspired atmosphere. Choose your sweat session based on the instructors' song picks - some rides feature live DJs for motivation. Haven't tried CYC yet? Get your FREE CLASS BELOW, then check in with a "Cycologist," sure to get your head right and your ass tight.

You'll transform your bod with seven different sports-related exercises throughout the class, all on the bike.

Sad Sad City, Ghostland Observatory | Soccer
Cycologist: Abigail (pictured) @itsjust_abigail
"This song sets the stage for dribbling, which we use to work on lower abdominals. I mean, David Beckham didn't get that 6-pack from underwear modeling."

D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune), Jay-Z | Boxing
Cycologist: Brett @B_ash512
"Want to tone your arms? We alternate between a front jab, uppercut and cross body hook while using heavy resistance to keep the legs moving." (Prefer Jay-Z's girl? There's an entire CYC class set to Beyoncé songs.)

Breakn' A Sweat - Zedd Remix, Skrillex | Jumps
Cycologist: Yvonne @y_concitamaria
"Jumps are definitely the most challenging part of class - this song will help you power through." 

Bottom Of The River, Delta Rae | Rowing
Cycologist: Troy @troyszymanski
"Perfect for rowing, which strengthens the shoulder and rotator muscles and challenges the core." 

Song For Zula, Phosphorescent | Hill
Cycologist: Mike @mhondorp
"Climb to the beat of the song and don’t stop pedaling 'til you reach the top. When you can get lost in the music, the workout flies by!"

Have Spotify? Listen to the complete CYC playlist, then schedule your FREE high-intensity workout with promo code Tidbits13. (New clients only, please.)

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