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January 14th, 2019

The SOCO Symphony

Treat yourself to all-natural ingredient based beauty line, SOCO Botanicals.


SOCO Botanicals
4361 South Congress Ave.

After noticing a few extra lines creeping up around your eyes, you've decided to give that whole self-care concept a more concerted effort. 

Start the journey with SOCO Botanicals. The local line is made with natural, organic ingredients and wildcrafted nutrients meant to heal and repair your skin in a healthy and effective way. Drop by the sweet little boutique space on South Congress to sniff and try the small batch collection ranging from purifying black lava scrub with activated charcoal to the SOCO Symphony, an aromatherapy blend of sea buckthorn, rosehip, argan, cucumber, jojoba and flower essences. There's a SOCO Symphony for guys as well, and both promise to reduce wrinkles and sun spots.

Looks like you'll be having the last laugh.  

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