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The Essentials: Local Survival Guide for SX

You're hopping from your TOMS to bike to pedicab to Uber to taxi. You're gonna need to be prepared for any and all emergency situations. Here, a list of locally-inspired must-haves for your breaks, backpack and beyond.

Caffeine Jolt: The 100% natural cold-pressed concoctions from High Brew Coffee are the easiest way to get a buzz on the fly. From Mexican Vanilla to hardcore Black & Bold, this low cal sip comes in packable 8 fl oz cans.

Pucker Fixer Upper: Not just lip service, we're mad for the waterproof lip liner and lip lust combo from Rae Cosmetics. Red pout perfection: Maraschino liner meets Bombshell matte. 

Protein Boost: When you're too hungry too wait in line for a breakfast taco, pull out an EPIC Bar. Putting your gas station jerky out to pasture, these paleo-friendly snacks come in yummy bars like bison, bacon and cranberry, as well as small bags of chicken, bison, beef and bacon jerky bites. 

Scent Intervention: You've been out all day and you're feeling a bit ripe. A quickie trip to the University Co-op will have you sniffing pretty in The University of Texas women's perfume. You'll be footloose and funky free with each citrusy, sweet orange and ruby redcurrant infused spritz. 

Class in a Flask: Hydrate in style with a flask-shaped water bottle sold at Seventh Flag Coffee. 

Sleepy No More: Feeling the burn behind the eyes from daytime schmoozing and late night jam sessions? A few drops of Radiant Energy Flower Elixir in your agua will give your immune system a boost and have you feeling ready for your 25th hour. Sold locally at Skin by Rachel

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