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Writer's Block

You upload nearly every iPhone shot you capture to Instagram and display all your inner most thoughts to the Twitterverse.

For a change of pace, keep your musings to yourself in pretty little pocket notebooks from Antiquaria. Just released, the copper foiled pads are making paper popular again. With phrases like "cheeky thoughts" and "daydreams" scrolled across wine, mint, gray fog and pool blue covers, you'll want to get out your No. 2s and make a list for the heck of it. Pick up a single for just $6.50, or opt for a coordinating set featuring a floral or navajo pattern as the second for $12.

You have the write to remain silent.

Antiquaria is hosting an Intro to Calligraphy Class THIS Sunday, July 27, from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. at a private Austin home. Spots are limited, so if you miss out, sign up for the fall sessions.

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