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October 4th, 2017

Food For Your Hair

Step into the lovely light of Sentrel Natural Beauty Store, now open.


Sentrel Natural Beauty Store
8127 Mesa Dr.

Reading the labels on your moisturizers, scrubs and lip balms can be like a trip back to chemistry lab. 

Cut the cross-referencing and shop for products that have been vetted by locals James Bryant and Sarah Bensley, owners of Sentrel Natural Beauty Store. The all-natural and organic potions, lotions and elixirs have been cherry picked by the duo who have spent decades in the industry seeking mindful solutions and clean skincare lines. Don't be shy - products are lined up at the "Try Me Bar" so you can touch and feel everything from vegan face exfoliants to hair products that are considered food for your hair. Also in house: Their own line of candles hand poured in Austin in scents like Page Turner, plus other gifts and accessories. 

Class dismissed. 

Photo: Taylor Prinsen Photography

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