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June 28th, 2009

Secrets of the Yoga Sisterhood

Bask in the beauty of a grown-up sisterhood at "Love Yoga Co-op":http://www.loveyogacoop.com:new

If you had a sister growing up, you've surely experienced the ups and downs of sibling rivalry. Borrowing (stealing) clothes, hogging the bathroom, blabbing to mom and dad.

Bask in the beauty of a grown-up sisterhood at Love Yoga Co-op. This collective of women yogis have come together to share a space for the greater good--your health and happiness. Step into this sparse, airy studio and experience a variety of classes including iyengar, anusara, hatha flow, hatha, eclectic, beginners yoga, as well as various weekend workshops. Fees are $10 per class and go directly to your teacher.

This divine secret is worth sharing...even with your sometimes annoying (but always lovable) sis.

Love Yoga Co-op
2525 S. Lamar, Unit 9
Austin, TX 78704

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