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January 4th, 2020

Spill The Tea

Get your chakras in line with loose leaf organic Ritual tea.


Rituals Austin
916 Springdale Rd.
Trailer Shops FT #3

Things you're leaving behind in 2020: fuzzy slippers, scrunchies, your extreme caffeine addiction. 

In an effort to ditch the latter, turn to Ritual Organic Tea from local line Rituals Austin. The beautiful blend of feel-good ingredients like organic Holy basil, orange peel, cinnamon, yarrow and lavender will send you into a state that's more zen than hopped up. The mix was created specifically to inspire full chakral alignment and energize your mind and body in a natural way. Pair it with a meditation session and let your vibrational frequency flow. 

And that's the long and biker short of it. 

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