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May 12th, 2016

Ring Around The Posey

The Little Posey offers whimsical floral deliveries for $35.

There's nothing worse than that fake thank you voice of a friend who is less than impressed with her gift.

Present stems sure to satisfy even the pickiest, thanks to The Little Posey. The brand new local company offers curated bouquets of flowers for only $35 – including delivery. A sister business to the local floral service company Posey, the off-shoot concept brings same-day-delivery craft paper-wrapped bundles straight to your doorstep. Order for yourself or a recipient - two stylish female Austinite owners curate and style each bunch, offering a different whimsical design each week. Are you a sucker for succulents? They offer those too, along with weekly and monthly order subscriptions.

Sure to get your bestie's seal of petal approval. 

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