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December 16th, 2009

Picture Pages

Locate some fantastic local art pieces through these fab www's.

Remember the days when you covered your bedroom walls with pages torn from BOP Magazine? Man...nothing could light up a room like a jagged edged image of Zach Morris. Alas, you're a grown-up now and it's time for some adult art. Locate some fantastic local pieces through these fab www's, and retire your Saved by the Bell paraphernalia to your adolescent archives.

Austin Art Garage is a stellar source for you to check out the works of emerging artists. Scroll about to find a style that suits your vibe, or swing by the gallery to peruse in person. The comprehensive site also has an event calendar and constantly updated blog.
Local Female Fave: Allison Gregory.

To continue your search, hit up local art website, newsletter target="_blank">Art Muse to get updates on newly-added artists, events and news.
Local Female Fave: Caroline Wright.

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