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October 8th, 2019

Quicker Than A Ray Of Light

Looking for a pick me up? Turn to infrared therapy at Perspire Sauna Studio.


Perspire Sauna Studio
3300 Bee Cave Rd.

You've been riding on non-stop ACL Fest fumes the past two weekends.

Give yourself a refresh at Perspire Sauna Studio, now open in Westlake. The low-key spot houses state-of-the-art infrared sauna therapy and chromotherapy. Step into your private room for a 40-minute session of full-spectrum infrared heat waves that penetrate deep into your joints and muscles, speeding oxygen flow and fighting off years of built up toxins and impurities. While you let the heat heal you, select the light therapy that suits your mood—think yellow for a creative boost and blue for a calming effect—then chill out with nature-inspired visuals on the flatscreens or tune into Pandora to create your own vibe. You'll burn about 300 calories and come out with remarkably less mind clutter. 

It's time to color your whirled.  

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