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Girlfriend's Guide to Austin

When you have friends in town, in between the Spicy Palomas at La Condesa and the pork and fried shrimp lumpia tacos at Qui, you're bound to get asked some questions about the Austin scene. 

Let the Wildsam Field Guides serve as your oh-so-cool refresher course. Created by a local, the petite and chic page-turner is peppered with facts, maps, who's who interviews from influencers like Liz Lambert, folklore and quotes that celebrate our city. Pretty in sky blue, you'll want copies of this modern day city guide - which comes dressed up in soulful packaging - for your purse, your coffee table and your desk at work at all times. Other versions of the guide include spotlights on our Tidbits' other cities like New Orleans and Nashville

You'll be the history buff at the table who doesn't bluff. 

Sold locally at Mockingbird Domestics, Houndstooth, Helm, Hotel San Jose, Hotel Saint Cecilia, Stag, BookPeople, Billy Reid and Spartan.

Image via Megan Gilger

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