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June 15th, 2015

Petrified Design Opens Showroom

Upgrade his space with handcrafted furniture from Petrified Design.


Petrified Design
6601 Shirley Ave.

Lately your favorite man's cave has begun to resemble more don't than den. 

Spruce up his space with a quality addition from Petrified Design, the concept from Austinites Gable Bostic and Tyson Pendergrass. Shop their thoughtfully crafted collection of furniture at their newly opened showroom, open weekdays and by appointment on weekends. You'll be instantly drawn to the clean lined, handmade pieces like sleek drafting tables with adjustable cranks and sophisticated lounge chairs suited for coffee and newspaper breaks. Best of all, the designers are open to custom work, allowing you to select the type of wood and powder coating of your choosing. 

It's high time your guy stopped going against the grain. 

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