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August 6th, 2019

Feeling Cannabis Curious?

Take a step towards mindful living at new Mineral Health.


Mineral Health
1105 E. 6th St.

You recently found your car keys in a takeout box in your fridge and stopped a conversation cold because you couldn't remember what your point was in the first place. 

Find your focus at Mineral Health, the new concept store on East 6th St. The minimalist space with its sleek gray concrete, feel good reminders and thoughtfully arranged greenery invites you to clear your brain clutter and consider products that enhance everyday energy levels and combat anxiety. With sleek packaging, offerings include Maison, an anti-inflammatory CBD salve, and plant-driven sleep aids. They also carry mood-lifting cannabinoid drops like Balance, Focus, Sleep and Recovery for you to experiment with on your wellness journey. 

What's mind is yours. 

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