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May 18th, 2016

Point And Shoot Em Up

Local Mia Baxter Smail's next exhibition showcases a mix of Texan mythology and margaritas.

We all consider ourselves amateur photographers these days - thank you Crema filter. Take a moment to celebrate a more established point and shooter, Austin-based photographer Mia Baxter Smail, pictured above. We caught up with the pro to find out where her travels will take her next and why you won't want to miss her upcoming exhibit at Agave Print...

What's the most exciting shoot you've ever worked on?
Following the former President of Panama in his last months in office. There was no itinerary; they would call me 10 minutes before pick-up and I had to be ready! Sometimes I was driven to the presidential compound, other times put on a plane to Colombia or a helicopter to the rainforest or Kuna Yala Islands. It was wild!

Which are some of your fave brands you've covered?
I absolutely love working with brands over a long period of time and am truly grateful to get to collaborate with the talented, thoughtful, creative women behind Ten Over Ten and de Buci Baby.  

What was your first camera?
Canon Rebel, 35mm film.

You have great style - what's your current camera bag label?
I've accumulated some great nerd gear over the years – camera backpack, camera fanny pack, camera roller bag. Sadly, I have no style when it comes to camera bags!

Dream celeb to shoot a portrait of.
I like taking portraits of people in relaxed states and not how you typically perceive them. Dream portrait session would be an environmental portrait of President Obama – either very relaxed by the White House pool or very relaxed in the Hawaiian jungle.   

Most photo worthy spot in all of Austin?
Barton Springs.

We can tell by your portfolio that you love travel - next vacay spot?
I'll be up and down the California coast in August and really excited about some good down time in Bolinas and Big Sur. 

You recently took over Texas Monthly's Instagram to show work from your Nativo showcase - opening tomorrow. What's up next?
My next project is called The Springs, which takes place at some of the spring-fed pools in Texas like Barton Springs, Deep Eddy and Balmorhea Springs.  
Agave Print // 1312 E Cesar Chavez
Additional details below.

 Meet Mia and see her Nativo photos at the Opening Reception TOMORROW, Thursday, May 19, at Agave Print from 6 - 9 p.m. 

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