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July 24th, 2014

Pop of Color

Meet Lauren Vandiver, the blondie behind Vandi Fair. The style blogger scours the alleyways and neighborhoods of Austin, from 5th street to the East Side, to find backdrops for her style posts. Here, she's pictured in front of a mural by local comic book artist Bill Jeffery in the South Congress alleyway behind New Bohemia. We chatted with the UT grad to find out her fave Austin mural and the fashion mavericks who inspire her...

What's different about your blog?
Austin is speckled with so many amazing street murals that truly make the city an art mecca unlike any other, and I use them as backdrops to showcase my personal style. My favorite is the You're My Butter Half mural on MLK painted by an artist from United Way. I haven't gotten around to taking any photos in front of it yet, but it is definitely on my list. 

Why the name Vandi Fair? 
From childhood through college, I always dreamed of writing for a fashion magazine, so the name Vandi Fair seemed all too fitting for my blog, which is inspired by things colorful, whimsical and beautiful! 

What makes Texas women stylish?
Texas women have no problem wearing something that may make heads turn. 

Favorite cocktail in town?
The Maverick at Hotel San Jose. It’s a mix of a ginger brew, Lonestar and lemonade – so refreshing!

Go-to boutique shop in Austin?
While I’m a huge online shopper, I do enjoy strolling the streets of SoCo and peeking my head into Maya Star. They have the perfect mix of trendy meets classic Austin boho pieces.

If you could walk a mile in any designer's shoes, whose would they be?
Rebecca Minkoff. She has such an incredible and inspiring start up story and I love her classic and colorful meets edgy style. She moved to NYC at just 18 to make her dreams of being a fashion designer come true and did just that. She’s not afraid to play with loud prints and patterns and contrasting colors, but she also has a lot of timeless pieces. 

What blogger do you follow each and every day? 
I have been a huge fan of Blair Eadie from Atlantic Pacific for years. She is someone I always look to for style inspiration because I feel like our styles are very similar. I love the way she always uses accessories as a major part of her looks.

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