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December 10th, 2016

$8 Megaformer Classes

The Lagree Studio opens a third location and we're celebrating with $8 classes.

In an effort to slow down your wine consumption, you started buying slightly more expensive bottles to encourage a savor versus a sprint to the finish. 

Proving that slow and controlled is the only way to go is The Lagree Studio, 70% off with today's Treat. The high intensity low impact 45-minute full body workout has a cult following, focusing on extremely slow movements that the instructors believe is the key for toning the bod and torching the calories. The three sleek locally-owned studio spaces are home to classes for all fitness levels, equipped with the latest Megaformers, the M3S.  Learn how to properly use these body transforming machines in an upbeat and motivating environment and get ready to be wowed by the results.

Today's Treat gets you 6 classes for $50 (regularly $168) for any location, any type of class. 

Your bottom line is about to be top shelf status. 
Get 6 classes for $50 - use on ANY class at ANY location til March 7
Downtown | Hill Country Galleria Arboretum (opens in Jan)

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