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June 2nd, 2017

Ladybird Provisions Butter Coffee "Bombs"

You need Austin's new Ladybird Provisions for your coffee and tea breaks.

Whether it's Housewives gossip or the next new dating app, your girlfriends can always rely on you to bring something new to the brunch table. 

When next you have them over for a Saturday morning coffee date, introduce them to your newest discovery, local Ladybird Provisions. The organic, grass fed butter coffee "bombs" allow you to make the cup you crave right in your kitchen or cubicle. Drop it into your coffee before shaking your lidded cup to create a perfect foam on top - flavors range from cinnamon, maple sugar and vanilla to cayenne. You've heard the healthful benefits of butter coffee - the proteins stave off hunger, speed up metabolism and boost concentration. The two female health nuts behind the brand have added in even more natural ingredients for increased wellness. 

As if you'd date or drink an average joe.

Pick up packaged bombs at several local spots.


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