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April 5th, 2012

The Kat's Out Of The Bag

In celebration of all things bubbly, we're toasting Tidbits new favorite song, Champagne, by Austin's little songbird, Kat Edmonson.

In celebration of all things bubbly, we're toasting Tidbits' new favorite song, Champagne, from Austin's little songbird, Kat Edmondson.

Her JUST released and much anticipated sophomore album, Way Down Low, features first time songwriting from the cute-as-a-button crooner. She makes her mark one titillating track at a time (Lyle Lovett joins her on the album), and has even been dubbed the voice that inspires trips to Fiji. We found out a little bit more about what makes this native Texan, rockin' a new pixie cut, tick with Q's like,

"We love that fizzy new refrain and have to ask, does champagne really do it every time?"

Kat: "Ha. Well, I wrote that song one morning with a splitting headache after a night on the town. Let's just say that it did do it - at least one time." 

Kittens--you're gonna love these Kat tracks.

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