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October 1st, 2013

Would You Hook Yourself Up To A Hangover IV?

ROLLING REV(IV)AL is offering a way to party hardy without the next-day misery. The brand new Austin-born concept rolls out hydrating IV treatments to remedy a hangover or to refresh you after a sweltering day at ACL—sans any hospital settings or judgy looks.

Emblazoned with the words "rapid cure for hangovers and exercise-induced misery" and co-founded by a registered nurse, the bus blasts rock n' roll tunes and has a medical director and two Physician's Assistants on hand to deliver two treatment options, including a liter of hydration fluid and a nausea or headache medicine for $99. The treatments take less than an hour - a Tweet a few minutes ago reveals their first-ever stop if you need some relief. Rolling Revival launches at both weekends of ACL and can be spotted again at the Texas Toast Jam Oct. 18-20.

Would you hook up? Leave a comment below.

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