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March 26th, 2019

Penny Lane Approved

Your records will rock all the more with a little sparkle and shine.

One of your biggest regrets in life is that you didn't hold onto all the ticket stubs from your concert going history. 

Showcase your love of music with Gold Dust Vinyls. The gal behind the local concept has combined two of her favorite obsessions: vinyls and glitter. Sourcing records from vintage shops, she adds a dash of sparkle - and provides a frame - so you'll still be able to give your blinged-out album a proper spin on a turntable. From a shimmering Beatles album circa 1969 to a glittering pink Lady Gaga, your favorite sounds become total eye candy. If you've got a gem in your own collection, she takes custom orders. 

It's the coolest way to have surround sound. 

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