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September 29th, 2013

Meet The Girl Who Made Gluten Her Bitch

When you cross paths with a gluten-free eater, you're usually in the market for a serious discussion about digestion, depression and lack of attention. So when we hooked up with Texas born UT alum April Peveteaux, we had a wheat-free hay day getting her hilarious (and helpful) point of view on being g-free. The rising star sheds a candid light on living a celiac lifestyle on her Gluten Is My Bitch blog, in her book and now with Tidbits...
What food do you dream about since going g-free?
Donuts. I didn't even really eat donuts much before I was diagnosed. But now all I can think about is getting my hands on a real fluffy, crispy-skinned, gluten-filled (and preferably cream-filled, chocolate covered) donut. DONUTS.

Best g-free restaurant in Austin? 
Well, Frank, of course. My brother is one of the owners, which has major advantages because he understands that us gluten-free types have a real need for great beer and artisanal hot dogs. 
Thing you miss most about living in Austin?
BBQ, Tex-Mex, copious amounts of beer, chili, crazy good live music on the regular, big-ass margaritas, ease of travel, people who know how to grill up a fat steak, Alamo Drafthouse and friends. Not in that order.
When did you realize you needed to go g-free?
About 2 1/2 years ago. (Upon) moving to L.A. I was constantly sick. After winding up in the emergency room, I was referred to this super smart and cute GI doctor who figured it out in no time flat. I was a celiac. And gluten was killing me. It wasn't L.A. after all!
Go-to workout?
Sucking in my stomach when I'm in public. 
Always in my clutch:
ChapStick (which does NOT have gluten, in spite of what mean people on the internet say).
Everyone is surprised you can prepare ____ without gluten - and that it actually tastes good.
Fried chicken. I thought that would be a tough one, but it turns out when you deep fry things they're automatically delicious.
Do you plan your vacations around gluten-free travel?
No, but I do lots of research before I leave my 5-mile radius. I mean, I went to Paris and that was pretty much the worst option for the gluten-free even though people swore it wouldn't be. It was. Oh, it was.

Can g-free peeps still get drunk?
I can't speak for all of the—oh, hell why not? It's our big secret. G-free people are ALWAYS drunk.

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