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October 2nd, 2013

Cocktails With Top Chef's Gail Simmons

Dishing with the stars.

Pop open a bottle of Quickfire wine. After much buzz, this week is the premiere of Top Chef New Orleans. We sat down with Gail Simmons, author of Talking With My Mouth Full. You can tune in this season to hear her take on Crescent City cuisine and our spirited culture, but in the mean time, find out - straight from the judge's mouth - what this foodie keeps in her pantry and her secret recipe to a man's heart...

What's one item every girl should have in her kitchen?
Every girl should know how to use a proper wine key, not a fancy one with a huge top and levers everywhere, but a good old-fashioned corkscrew.

What do you think is the most overrated cooking ingredient?
Truffle Oil. Dried herbs.

What food do you crave that you're ashamed to admit?
Well, I try not to feel too guilty about my favorite snacks. I love spicy chicken wings, salt & vinegar chips, and once in a while, a late night of bowl of mac 'n' cheese. (Yes, from the box).

Finish this sentence: Real women eat...
Beef jerky!

What meal should every girl know how to cook to impress her guy?
A chargrilled, rare, bone-in ribeye and a foolproof but sinfully decadent pie. My current favorite to make for my man is Bannoffee (banana toffee cream pie). It gets him every time...

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