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August 17th, 2016

This Perfume Comes With a Spotify Playlist

Consider travel and music inspired perfume brands available locally.

You're officially a grown woman when you have a trainer, tailor, colorist, manicurist and therapist. The next on the list is a signature scent. If you're on the hunt, we've got two brands that just might do the spritz trick...

PHLUR: Spray happy with the new Austin-based brand that just launched this summer. The first collection consists of six scents, pictured, each with a totally unique vibe. Far from your average bottle service, the breakdown on the top notes on options like the Hepcat speak to an interest in old wooden bars, laid-back Saturdays and a penchant for whiskey. Aside from the fact that you can order up a mini sample set to test out at home, there's a Spotify soundtrack curated to pair with each fragrance, pinning bands like Spoon and the Heartless Bastards as a good fit for those who are fans of Moab.

D.S. & Durga: With the tagline "perfume is armchair travel," you can take a scent journey with wanderlust-inspired dabs from the Brooklyn-based perfume house. Available locally at The Hotel Saint Cecilia, the brand has been featured in WWD, Vogue France and Vanity Fair. In addition to their obsession-worthy line of candles and their El Cosmico-inspired creation, the updated arsenal includes three new scents - Radio Bombay, White Peacock Lily, and Rose Atlantic - all in chic new packaging.  

Photo: Adam Voorhes 

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