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November 25th, 2019

Lay Ladle Lay

Fond Bone Broth is the secret ingredient to your fall fare.

The best utensil at the holiday table is a ladle. 

Slurp to your comfort and health with Fond Bone Broth, a female-owned New Braunfels brand. Brewed like a beer, infused like a tea and sipped like espresso, the selection of flavorful bone broth tonics make a fantastic addition to your autumnal lazy susan. From the customer darling, Youth Tonic—infused with shiitake, shallot and sage—to the power-packed fresh turmeric root, powdered root, freshly cracked pepper and a hint of thyme Liquid Light, your pantry will be primed for attempting Fond's health-conscious Thanksgiving recipes

Sure to stir the senses. 

Available at Central Market, Snap Kitchen and People's Pharmacy.

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