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September 3rd, 2018

This Makes Perfect Scents

Spray on a Moonwater fragrance from Austin's Fluri United.

You still haven't found the perfect red lipstick and are - as always - in the lifelong debate over bangs or no bangs.

While you're still working on your statement looks, strike finding your signature scent off your list thanks to Fluri United. The Austin-based and female founded label makes three spritz options in clean-and-pretty packaging. Want to tell your friends you're wearing a fragrance made from rose petals that were simmered over an open fire under the full supermoon on the night the brand launched? Go with the Eau De Rose Moonwater. The other two handcrafted, small batch parfums offer notes of crisp, woody undertones or exotic spices for a little extra kick. 

Finally you can scratch off your sniff.

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