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July 26th, 2012

Et Tu Creme Brulee?

Paris-style cafe brings high brow to brown bagging.


La Patisserie by Luxe Sweets
602 W. Annie St.

 After one too many flutes of bubbly brut, you passed out on top of a copy of Parisian Vogue and woke up with creme brulee crumbs in your cleavage.

Keep your French frenzy rolling at La Patisserie by Luxe Sweets. Gather up your francs and take advantage of our midday hookup: $5 for a sophisticated lunch and macaron experience, a $10 value. Swing by the tres adorable Champs-Elysees-meets-South 1st maison to pick your packed lunch pleasure. Nosh delights like chicken salad or veggie and hummus on a flaky croissant, or savory tuna on housemade bread, along with a leafy side salad, coffee or tea and a signature light-as-air macaron to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Better than a hangover order of french fries.

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