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Cocktails With Rachael Yamagata

We caught up with sultry songstress Rachael Yamagata recently at The Parish during her girl crush inducing set. The stage siren's songs, which have been featured in beloved flicks like In Her Shoes and Elizabethtown, melted the crowd properly for a Sunday night seranade. We took five to get the inside scoop on all things Rachael, from her Pandora station preferences to the proposal she witnessed from the otherside of the mic...

You've played Austin more than once - any specific must-hit places, sips or eats to have while you're here?
My guitarist is already online at Franklin Barbecue. I always like seeing the bats under the bridge, and 6th Street is endless people watching fun.

My on stage style is.... (3 words or less)
Romantic edged bohemian.

Your songs have been in several movies including chick flicks - what's your all-time favorite chick flick?
The Way We Were.

This tour marks the 10th anniversary of Happenstance. Is there any one line from that album that you can't shake from your brain?
You and I know the reason why.

You used an iPhone camera app for the cover of Chesapeake (pictured). Do you recall what song you were singing when the winning shot was snapped?
Can’t remember the song, but I was sitting on the floor of the studio behind a mic stand that looked like an antenna coming out of my head. We had to photoshop it out.

Craziest thing a male fan has ever said/done in your presence?
Proposed while opening a bottle of beer.

Of the inspiration list on your bio page, which three individuals from the group would you choose to have at your dream dinner party?
Rufus Wainwright, Kanye and Rickie Lee Jones. 


Is there a music festival you haven't played in yet, but have always wanted to?

Specifically, what is your favorite on the road:

Snack? Chocolate.

Comforting article of clothing? Hoodie.

Drink? Tequila. 

Pandora station? Michael McDonald. 



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