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"Be Candid." And 6 Other C's To Guide Your Career in 2015

We checked in with local advertising titan Gay Gaddis, a UT grad and founder of T3, the largest woman-owned independent creative agency in the U.S., on the 7 C's she's committed to in 2015. 

1. Center Yourself. Take time to center your journey before starting something new. Check in with yourself and ask “Is it important? Should it be a priority?” If it feels right in your core being, then embrace it. Through the years, I have found myself in such a hurry and in a rush to do everything that I commit myself to things that I shouldn’t. 

2. Be Curious. It is a wonderful gift to be curious. Listen and learn from the many people and experiences in your life. You will find wonder in discovery. When you are eager to learn you will possess a beauty that is irresistible and contagious. 

3. Be Courageous. The definition of courageous tells us that it is a quality of mind and spirit that enables us to face difficulty, danger and pain without fear. Furthermore, it is to act in accordance with one’s beliefs especially in the face of criticism. Courageousness is a learned response and behavior that requires discipline.  Fear is a wicked demon and when we are gripped with fear we cannot act in the best interest of those we are responsible for, especially ourselves.

4. Be Candid. Be candid. If you are not candid with people, you are going to find yourself really disappointed down the line. When you are candid, you express the truth, as you know it. Many times you will find yourself in “Fierce Conversations”, the title of a book I recommend by Susan Scott. Although these conversations are difficult, if you approach them with honesty and decency you will reach new understanding with your family, colleagues and friends. It is human nature to try to avoid these conversations because they are tough. For me, I have always said that if I lie I will forget what I said and then really be in a mess. Best to just be candid and you can sleep at night.

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