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Meet Firefly's Founder, Clay Spencer

UT grad Clay Spencer just brought Firefly to Austin, after successfully launching the social network dating app in other parts of the world. The Stanford MBA-trained entrepreneur says Firefly is for the "upper crust." Like what you hear? The waiting list to download Firefly is now open, and only Austin Tidbits readers get priority access. 

Tidbits: You launched Firefly in Austin before taking it anywhere else in the U.S. Why?
Clay: Cool stuff starts in Austin. And there are tons of young, single people here. I went to UT and know lots of people here, so it's been easy to get the word out.

What's the concept and why does it work?  
We only show you people in your social network. And we only show you a few people per day. People tell us they want to meet their friends' friends. Firefly makes that happen.  

Best place to meet a guy in Austin?
Your best friend’s wedding. And the other 364 days a year, Firefly.

Why is it called Firefly?
They're out there, even if you don't know where. 

Facebook stalking a guy before a date: yay or nay?
If you really want to know something about somebody, call a mutual friend.  And yes, Facebook stalk them. I mean, I think everyone does it.

There are loads of successful, approachable, personable women in Austin who are single and don't want to be. What gives?
I'm not sure. Austin is a unique place. But regardless, it's about to get a lot easier.  

Fill in the blank: Real women drink ______.
Whatever they like. And beer, of course.

You like to say "Tinder is for quantity, Firefly is for quality." Ever heard any Tinder horror stories?
Oh yeah. More than I can count. And I love them.  

Firefly only shows a user 3-5 matches a day. Why?
There are only so many high quality people out there.  And limited choice makes each introduction Firefly makes a lot more important.  We also think a more limited experience helps take away from the “hook-up” stigma Tinder has and girls, especially, like that.

First date no-no:
Talking about an ex. Guys not paying. 

Are you single?
Haha. You'll have to get on Firefly and find out.  

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