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March 2nd, 2016

You Need to See: Hurlyburly

Orly Genger's stunning outdoor art is unveiled tomorrow near the Waller Creek boathouse.

Unlike your past gluttonous behavior, you've promised yourself you won't binge watch the entire new season of House of Cards this weekend. 

The best way to stick to it? Get off the couch and out into the world where the new Hurlyburly installation will be unveiled at Waller Creek tomorrow, Saturday, March 5. The wave-like mounds of rope previously used to tether lobster traps was created by famous artist Orly Genger, who's been the force behind similar painted, hand-woven rope sculptures across the globe. Join in the fun at the opening celebration tomorrow from 12 - 3 p.m. featuring free GoopPops, JuiceLand and Toasties Sub Shop snacks and the chance to take a killer selfie that proves you've left the house.

Underwood would understand. 

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