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September 16th, 2016

Ready Aura Not

Get a glimpse of your energy field with aura pics from local photo concept MOODxMOSS.

You disagreed with your horoscope so many times this month you've decided you're a Libra instead of an Aries. 

Take a step back from the zodiac - your true self can be found in a snap and a photograph from Austin's MOODxMOSS. The nomadic pop-up yurt has been making the rounds of late. Just back from Fashion Week, you can follow it to its next stop and chill while founder Carrie Moss sets you up for an aura portrait that you can take home to analyze. From loyal and calm blue to charming and passionate red, you'll watch as your picture comes into focus and reveals your inner light.

Which is the only sign you need.

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