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February 20th, 2010

Dream A Little Green

Go green with some recycled jewelry from Texas-based design site Isabella Dean.

Up to this point, St. Patty's Day meant two things: pinching strangers and guzzling green beer. Show-off your sophisticated self this year and celebrate the holiday's signature color with some eco-friendly jewelry from Texas-based design site, Isabella Dean.

These recycled wares cover a range of genres, from rings and cuffs made from organic materials, to alma mater necklaces and custom tags for your canine companions. In addition to the materials, this little company has infused many green elements into their daily ways, like packages custom-wrapped in natural sea-grass rafia.

Now go do a keg stand to hit up that green beer. Saving a plastic cup is good for the environment.


Available locally at c.jane target="_blank">Parts and Labour.

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