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July 6th, 2012

Diamond in the Buff

Meet the Seguin-born Gap billboard model.

Texas girls know how to dream big.

Introducing daydream believer, Seguin native Samantha Tannehill, who rose from her roots to become a superstar model (billboards all over NYC for the Gap Fit campaign just went up), and philanthropist phenom with her self-started charity Kids For Tomorrow. We sat down with the down-to-earth hot body, whose accolades include winning the Chanel cover girl contest, to get her pre-photo shoot tips.

1. Shake Your Moneymaker: "I love to start my morning with something physical so I don't have to think about it for the rest of the day. I walk my dog to get my heart rate going, and then I do something fun and motivating like Jennifer Galardi's Sweating Sexy DVD. She helped get me ready for my shoot with Athleta - I finally got my yoga headstand down thanks to her!" 

2. Loco for Coco: "Instead of olive oil, I opt for organic coconut oil. It's so good with eggs (actually gives them a slight sweet flavor to satisfy my cravings), and also works great as a moisturizer for your entire body." 

3. Wear Your Vitamins: "To keep my skin looking healthy, I put a healthy dose of vitamin E all over my body. I'll throw in a few toning squats while I rub in on my legs - every little bit of exercise helps, right? If I have a blemish, I spot treat with aloe vera. I actually clip it from a plant that I grow right in my backyard, squeeze and apply. Nothing feels more all-natural than that!"

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