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September 20th, 2019

Happy Birthday, Courtney Pittman!

Meet our September birthday girl—owner of Western Darlin, Courtney Pittman. Each month we celebrate a local female entrepreneur on her special day.

Happy birthday, Courtney! How are you celebrating this year?
Heading to Denver with my honey.

You've built a brand that honors a wandering spirit. Favorite places to travel?
West Texas, New Orleans and New Mexico

What are your favorite haunts?
I'm a die-hard Deep Eddy Cabaret gal - I always bring $5 cash for the jukebox and play (mostly) Waylon Jennings and Lightnin' Hopkins. Donn's Depot is by far one of my favorite honky-tonks to go two-steppin' with my honey, or try to - I'm not good at it but we always have a good time, a good laugh, and good cheap beer. Licha's Cantina has been my favorite place to eat for years - I don't see that ever changing. 

Best under the radar place to shop?
I love Feathers Boutique for fun vintage finds. I scored some sweet Wranglers there once! 

For a Girl’s Night Out, you usually suggest…

Justine's Brasserie, always. Hands down. 
Three words to describe your personal style:
Minimal, vintage, Western
Where do you get your best work done? 
In the desert - always.
Life motto or mantra? 
Drift West and ramble on.
How many candles are you blowing out this year?

What’s on your birthday gift wish list?

A new camera lens!
Want to be the next Tidbits Birthday Girl? Tell us why at submissions-austin@gotidbits.com.
Photo: Travis Hallmark. 

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