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January 2nd, 2020

Free Pilates Intro Class!

Club Pilates is where Eastsiders are flocking to get toned and trimmed.


Club Pilates
1011 E. 5th St.

Bottom line: you'll never be more motivated to conquer your resolutions than you are this week. 

Put your promises to work at Club Pilates, now open in East Austin (get a free Pilates Intro class—see below). With classes like Reformer Flow and Cardio Sculpt, there's a fitness journey for every level without compromise. Club Pilates' pro instructors use their expertise to make sure students at every level are achieving their fitness goals. Plus, each session features a fully equipped Pilates set-up for all students, including every apparatus needed to get a full body workout. Book a free Pilates Intro class and get 20% off your first month membership before Jan 26.

It's time to see your goals in the new rear window. 

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