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November 2nd, 2019

The Shooting Stars at Night Are Big and Bright

With the motto Do Right, Love Texas, a line of handcrafted cowboy boots is born.

With your fickle shopping behavior, you're definitely a fan of fast fashion.

But when it's time to get serious, timeless quality is king. Meet Chisos Boot Company, a Texas biz that's putting a feel good footprint on the Lone Star State. Founder Will Roman, a UT alum, has launched his inaugural line of intricately designed,  first-edition cowboy boots for gals and guys. The post-tanning process makes pairs like the Chisos No. 4, crafted from speckled heritage cowhide, super durable and soft to the touch, Design elements including a signature red heel stripe and artwork that ranges from depicting the sun and stars in Big Bend National Park to petroglyphs (rock carvings) make for a vintage look. Bonus: sales goes to support TX land conservation. 

Perfect for slowing your roll. 

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