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March 18th, 2013

Body's So BUTI-licious

Your bikini will be grateful.

You love the thought of yoga, but find yourself a bit bored while in warrior and with a wandering mind during down dog.

Perk up your practice with a celeb obsession new to town: BUTI. This funked up mat work encourages you to "free your hips," combining traditional yoga with bootcamp cardio and strength moves like planks and burpees and weaving in tribal dance moves to club-style beats. Check your inhibitions at the door and come ready to shake, swivel and squat your way to carved out shoulders, a cinched in waist, tight and taut thighs and an overall bangin' body.

Because you can practice corpse pose when you're dead.

Try BUTI at Vamps Dance, Dance Austin Studio and Inner Diva Studios. Mention Austin Tidbits and get your first class for $5 at Inner Diva Studios (normally $25).

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