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May 30th, 2013

Beauty Is Inside The Box

Everyone knows beauty is inside the box.

A set of faux lashes and a touch of electric pink shadow and you think you can sing like Nicki Minaj. After a single swipe of Tom Ford's Bitter Bitch polish, your male coworkers have been known to weep.

You're gonna love the multiple personalities (all of them pretty) you'll discover inside your first BeautyBox, the chic new Texas-based delivery of root-to-toe tools you haven't heard of yet. Product junkies get their fix with each Tiffany-blue box, loaded with indulgent samples like Goat Haus Dairy exfoliator, lush lashes from Hollyren, a futuristic tool that helps apply a smoky eye and Gwyneth-approved Supergoop (made in San Antonio).

Once you go shellac you never go back.

It's a pretty party! Sign up for your delivery of beauty-closet secrets and samples.

$12/month   $30/quarter   $100/year

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