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June 26th, 2014

Beauty And The Blog

The Darling Detail - for ages 21 and up.

Meet Jessi Afshin, the 21-year-old fashion blogger behind The Darling Detail. Also a Camille Styles production team member, she's collaborated with Neiman's and Nine West as of late - her Audrey-esque lashes and upbeat style (often photographed by her bro) have us tuning in for her what-will-she-wear-next posts. We sat down between shots with the French-born beauty to talk blogging, bartenders and backpacks.
Three trends you're giddy about this summer? 
Wearing white-on-white, pairing sneakers with dressy ensembles, and all those French graphic tees.  J’adore!
What makes Austin women stylish? 
My favorite part about Texas style is how women aren’t afraid to be totally dressed down and casual 95% of the time… and then get absolutely dolled up the very next moment. We really know how to balance being beautiful and being comfortable without overdoing it.
Favorite patio bar in town? 
I’d definitely say NO VA Kitchen & Bar on Rainey. The interior, the drinks and the bartenders themselves are all so inspiring. 
Favorite place to Sunday brunch? 
Josephine House.
Go-to online shop? 
Nordstrom, ASOS, Zara. I could go on forever.
What advice do you have for up-and-coming bloggers? 
Stay passionate, stay consistent... It’s very easy to become caught up in the mainstream world of fashion blogging (and everything else)! If you stay true to yourself, you will always stand out of a crowd. 
If we opened your purse, we would find...
Lots of Kendra Scott jewelry. I worked at the flagship store for three years. I also carry my backpack with me everywhere since I’m constantly blogging for either Camille Styles or myself. So you’d also find lots of geeky computer and camera accessories and chargers!
What's the best part about working for Camille Styles? 
Working with such an inspiring and encouraging team, especially Camille. She has been my biggest role model for years, and now I’m working for her! She truly is the best boss a girl could ask for.

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