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July 17th, 2017

Happy Birthday, Rashanna

Every month we toast a local female with a job we seriously envy. July's birthday girl is Rashanna Moss, the fitness aficionado behind Pure Barre and Moderna Muse.

Happy birthday! How many candles are on your cupcake this year? 
37. I better get my lungs ready!

You're the owner of Pure Barre and recently launched the website Moderna Muse. Tell us more. 
Moderna Muse was launched as an extension of the Pure Barre experience. In Pure Barre, we help our clients become their best self by completing an amazing workout that challenges and takes focus. With Moderna Muse, we are taking a holistic approach to this concept. We are a resource hub for health, inspiration and fashion. Our mission is to inspire people to live their muse... their highest expression of self.  We provide holistic coaching programs, curated health events and musing practices to help people visualize and meditate more effectively. We are all about the WHOLE person and providing tools for you to live your muse.

Your credit card gets too much cardio at…
RedBird boutique is my local go to. I can grab a t-shirt or a dress for my next big event. I think RedBird does a great job at diversifying both apparel and accessories.

What's your style like?
The one brand that I could wear every day is Rag & Bone. I love both the casual and dressier items. The clothes are well made and high quality, but the style is understated. 

Guilty pleasure? 
Tequila. We get along quite well.

Where do you always take your visitors when they visit Austin?
I feel like it's a must to do South Congress. SoCo still exudes Austin's soul and it's diverse enough to fit all personalities. I definitely try to sway them towards a little down time at South Congress Hotel. 

What's your favorite Pure Barre pose?
I'd have to say waterski. Give it to me good! When I work out, I want to burn. I love the challenge of that position 

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