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50% off Custom Eyelash Extensions at Dolce Blu


Dolce Blu
11011 Domain Drive
Ste. 108
When you dropped your Warby Parkers in the lake over the holiday weekend, you threw a Titanic-sized tantrum. 
Lash out in a way that's productive and pretty at Dolce Blu Eyelash Studio at The Domain, next door to BLO. The girly boutique makes the perfect backdrop for your eye framing session while you sip a glass of vino and and await your transformation. The team of in-house lash stylists will set you up with custom, semi-permanent, natural-looking extensions that take your entire look to fuller heights.
When your next style tragedy strikes, you won't bat an eye. 
$139 for a full set of lashes, regularly price $299 (for those who do not have on eyelash extensions)
$49 for a eyelash extension fill, regularly price $79 (this treat is for clients who currently have eyelash extensions on and it's been 1-3 weeks since your last fill)

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