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Toned to the Bone

Haven't tried the workout The New York Times and Women’s Health have termed “pilates on crack" yet? Take your metallic ToeSox to the brand new location of Pure Pilates Austin - it opened last week at The Domain. The studio is home to revolutionary Megaformer M3 machines that will work you to the core - literally - and reach those small, interior muscles that make for a truly sculpted physique. Their focused, 45-minute sessions include killer moves like a French Twist and can lead to quick results. During December only, featured deals can be used at both the West Campus and Domain locations. 

We asked their pros for some outside-the-studio tips so you can cocktail all month without getting a tummy that resembles a bowl full of jelly. 

1. For low calorie sips, try a sparkling cranberry cocktail (mix sparkling wine with a fresh cranberry and a splash of juice) or an Old Fashioned.

2. Wear tight, form fitting clothes to holiday parties. This will keep you in check when you head towards the cheese plate for the third time. Come to think of it, wear them when you're lounging at home too. Loose clothes tend to trick the mind into taking those extra bites. 

3. Start your day with a cup of water – and drink water every time you are hungry. It kick starts your metabolism, keeps your digestive system going and fills you up when your body might be tricking you into thinking you're hungry.

4. Put lemon in EVERYTHING – water, drinks, food. Lemon is a natural diuretic, which means that it helps you get out extra salt and reduce bloat.


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