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June 15th, 2016

Chinny Chin Chin

A Father's Day gift for the bearded set, available at Jack & Lola.

Your guy looks at all your bathroom counter potions like they are part of a science experiment he doesn't want to disrupt. 

Introduce him to some man maintenance products of his own like a trio of shave oils. Available at local boutique Jack & Lola, the pocket-sized, half ounce bottles host a moisturizing treatment for his skin, hair and beard. Legit for five o'clock stubble and burly abundance, a daily massage will not only condition, but the antioxidant mix will also tighten his pores and prevent pesky ingrown hairs. With three scents to rotate, he can stick to his favorite or yours - we're partial to the sage and mint forest. 

The results will leave him apothecary'd away.

Photo: @brothersartisanoil

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