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May 20th, 2015

5 Killer Classes for $35

The trainers at Tetra Fitness in Clarksville are going to tone you, and leave you begging for mercy.

When you workout at home alone, inevitably your 60-minute session gets cut at 50 because hey, who needs the stretching at the end. Then you drop it to 40, promising yourself a crunch session before bed...

Cut the crap (and the fat) at Tetra Fitness. The workouts are some of the toughest in town, and designed to shred your body. (Pictured: the cute owner-instructor's killer abs.) Flex your way through Sweaty Weights, go the distance with the high-intensity Cycle + Core, burn fat in the new Tabata classes or get a full body beat down in BAREfoot Burn - the dimmed rooms are the ideal place to let your vices drip from your pores. With today's Treat, score 5 classes for $35. (Buy up to 3!)

Any excuses? Thinspiring minds want to know. 

5 classes for $35 at Tetra Fitness>>

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