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April 19th, 2017

Have You Tried Austin Panic Room?

Austin Panic Room is instant fun.


Austin Panic Room
1205 Rio Grande St.
The idea of doing trust falls with your coworkers isn't your favorite way to spend a weekday.
But since bonding does do a business good, forward this email to your boss and introduce her (or him) to Austin Panic Room. The interactive escape game in a charming restored bungalow downtown invites your crew - bachelorette party, b-day celebration, first Bumble date, family throwdown or corporate retreat - for a day of amped-up adventure. How it works - a group of up to 10 are locked in a room and given clues and puzzles to solve their way out of the space together. Choose your own scenario - the abandoned school room, cabin fever or a prison break - and let the leaders, thinkers and rationalizers shine through. If you get out of there in an hour, you'll have ultimate bragging rights. 
Even if you don't break free, you've escaped the office for an afternoon.

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