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September 2nd, 2015

Curious Gorgeous

Try your hand at something new via Austin Learnshop.

Your Rosetta Stone order is still sitting in the online shopping cart and you have three unfinished scrapbooks shoved under your bed. 
Reinvest in your urge to explore new hobbies with Austin Learnshop, a new class-oriented initiative that teams you up with local pros. Cutie creator Kaley Coffield lines up a calendar of "learnshops" in a variety of subjects ranging from photography, trampoline jumping and podcast start-ups to canning, pickling and making jam. (Get a totally free class of your choice by joining Front Row.) The how-to sessions take place at various spots all over town - think artist studios and wineries - and consist of 20-30 students. For food classes, ingredients are provided by area farmers markets. 
Because that guitar isn't going to learn to pick itself.
Image via Learnshop

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