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November 16th, 2016

Have Pillows, Will Travel

Three Austin design pros team up to launch an online showroom.

In a manic case of the Sunday scaries last weekend, you half-rearranged your bedroom, got tired, and are still stepping over an ottoman to get out of bed every morning.
Turn to the pros who have turned traditional decorating on its head and made an interior designer something you can actually afford. Austin Design House is a new concept that lets you book price-friendly a la carte services, like calling in the three local pros (including an adorable mother-daughter team) for one-off services. They'll help you choose the perfect paint color, tell you how to hang a piece of art correctly, or let you use their designer discount on furniture and wallpaper. Or, if your living room is almost finished but not quite perfect, they'll make a "Pillow House Call" and stop by with a bunch of accent pillows or samples for a custom design.
Signed the lease, sealed, delivered, it's all yours. 

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