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January 3rd, 2013

Twinkle Toes

Resolve to treat those little piggies.


Happy Feet Boutique
705 Town Blvd.
Suite 430

You're not one to turn down a social soiree, and you love any excuse to show off your sparkly stilettos - even if it means seeking out blister-numbing-booze all night.

Beauty is pain, but thankfully, you can heel those holiday party wounds with a pedicure from Happy Feet Boutique, the hybrid boutique-salon in Brookhaven. Decompress with a Tired Legs and Feet treatment with hot stones or soak your paws in the magical Footlogix mousse, them glam it up with an OPI gel. Be sure to do some new-year sole searching while you're there - a new pair of winter booties or boots is just what the doctor ordered.

Chipped mint nails are so 2012.

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