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October 6th, 2014

Celery Root Of Good And Evil

Serenbe's raw and organic juice bar brings offerings to Atlanta.

You swore to yourself that you’d make it up after you inhaled two cupcakes at the office birthday party last week.
Here’s your chance. Straight from Serenbe, the utopia community of fantastic food and fare south of Atlanta, comes Bamboo Juices. The raw e-shop stocks organic, cold-pressed juices with creative combos like cilantro celery and red pepper melon, as well as boasts an entire menu of almond milk concoctions. Add to the mix elixir shots that are pre-blended for everything from balancing your hormones to cleansing your system from last weekend's happy hour, plus a line of cleanses to take your body to a healthy square one. Order online for complimentary home delivery in the Atlanta area or pick up bottles at farmers markets around town.
Outsmart that frosting. 

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